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DataBase Editor 4.0
Maggiori dettagli su DataBase Editor 4.0 DBE is a database editor written in ASP that works by internet, making it possible for you to manage all the databases of your web site using just an internet connection and a compatible browser. It's not compiled using DLL libraries or COM objects and you don't need to contact your provider.

With DBE you can manage the most popular databases in the web, including MS Access (97 / 2000 / 2003), MS SQL Server, MSDE and MySQL. Exploring the folders of your web site is just like exploring the folders on your computer; you can do every operation on your database with a click of the mouse.

License Base Price Save Price Choose license
Single site (life-time license for single domain) 120,00 € - 120,00 €
Full site (life-time license for unlimited domains) 360,00 € - 360,00 €
Single to Full (upgrade from Single site license to Full site license) 288,00 € - 288,00 €
Single site - Upgrade (upgrade from a previous version) 72,00 € - 72,00 €
Full - Upgrade (upgrade from a previous version) 240,00 € - 240,00 €


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